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facebook app, custom social quiz

L'Oreal engaged me to create a custom facebook application that took users through a fun aptitude quiz. Their information & results are saved for L'Oreal to determine the test-takers' suitability for employment opportunities.

The application you built for us has been great!

Thank you so much for your hard work! It's been a delight working with you, and I hope we can throw more work your way off the back of this! - Jared Woods, L'Oreal

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eCommerce, Lemonstand

If Lightly was a car, then I was the engineer who created the engine, transmission, and drivetrain, adding to the frame & fascia to make a full-blown car (or, in this case, a fully functional Lemonstand website).

Beyond the usual problem-solving required to integrate an existing design into a format-sensitive CMS, challenges included new dynamic wishlist functionality & Campaign Monitor AJAX integration.

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logos & brand identities

Here's a sampling of brand identities I've created for clients.

When creating a brand, the client's personality, customer, and services or products must all be considered in depth before undertaking any branding exercises. A brand is useless when it doesn't fit all three considerations.

Further considerations have to be made for a brand's context, overall brand style and message, and plans for the future.

While trendy may sell a design, what I strive for instead is timeless.

Saucier Specialties

Recipe site, custom taxonomy

Not to brag, but my the ladies in my family must be the best cooks on this earth. As such, the greatest gift I could give humanity was to share their brilliant cooking knowledge with the world.

I built Saucier Specialties from the ground up to have an easy recipe-adding process, multiple layers of content organisation so users can always find what they want, and bright display of top-ranked and recent recipes.

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